Speaking Pinyin

Speaking Pinyin 3.0

Speaking Pinyin is a speaking chineese english dictionary
3.0 (See all)
Moosenose Industries

The program is now Windows 7 compatible and is much easier to install and use. The interface and displays are almost entirely in Numbered Pinyin as Windows 7 is poorly compatible with Visual Basic 6. Simplified Chinese is displayed as Web Encoded Pages and cannot be copied, cut or paste but can be printed and displayed in the default browser. One no longer needs to modify Regional Settings as this doesn't work anyway in Windows 7.

The Voice files are are human (not TTS) and better than other Versions. Spoken phrases can be saved and retrieved. If desired, one can copy them to a MP3 player. The pronunciation is entirely concatenated from the Pinyin.

The Medical functions haven't changed except with the unavailability of Simplified Chinese.

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